Tuesday, 21 August 2018

I’m changing location!!!

i have decided to move my blog to -word press- which will make it easier to post blogs from my phone An also to add pictures An videos! I have posted my first post on there about our trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro don’t miss it! Click on the link below to follow me there!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Life In Kenya Since Our Furlough!

hello to all you fine folks out there...hope you all are doing great!
I finally got my blog on my phone, an although I need a microscope to be able to see what I’m typing because it’s so tiny an not made for my iPhone, it will work better then a laptop that Doesn’t work right! Anyway, I’m back!
An finally in the mood to jot a few lines again...
Over the time I was home so many people told me they missed my blog posts that I almost started feeling special, an almost sorry I wasn’t writing more. But I didn’t manage to actually feel too sorry for them because, well first of all it was nice to have a break an not write every week, an second of all, no offense to the dear busy people that side of the big pond, but it’s not like our Email is clogged up over here! Hahaha thats not why I stopped writing anyway, jus needed a break, an felt uninspired by writing about our everyday life over an over again, seemed like the same blog every week!

So everyone asks, “how is life since furlough...” well it’s good. It was so good to be back an get into a routin again, to live in our own house, an simply to belong to a familiar setting again. Yes life here is rough at times, but for now it’s more “home” an more “normal” then living in America.                   Since we are back I did the famous lemonade master cleanse, where you don’t eat any solid food for ten days. The reason I decided to do it was because, well okay “furlough” could also be called “fatload” in my opinion. So much good food you wanna try after several years of not having it! An I gained some major weight. The scales An I had a falling out after furlough....but boy!! the food was as good as ever! Someone innocently asked me, “well, if you gained so much weight, how will you do it when you come back for good?” Hahaha I wanted to let out a big belly laugh, “pun intended” like seriously? You jus use more self control when your around all your favorite food all the time, but when you have only a few weeks to have a little bit of all of them....then tada! You gain weight. So anyway so much for that. So the lemonade cleanse went great, lost ten pounds in ten days, ate lemons, drank lemons, An guzzeled lemonade till I thought it wud never end, I felt right smart “cleansed” too! It was a diet that made you look fondly at food you never liked to start with, once I gaze at cooked spinach in adoration you now I’m tired of my diet. But all in all it was a boost an was worth it. I did experience night mares with the cleanse though....not even kidding about this! I would dream that I randomly started feasting on good food, waking up in a panick wondering what ailed me that I forgot I was on my diet, jus to wake up so relieved it was a dream...you might be laughing but this was some intense stuff, I was so focused on doing this cleanse! So I ran out of maple syrup an used honey instead, An did it another four days making it fourteen days of fasting but I only lost one pound in four days, so I don’t recommend using honey. Your welcome for the tip!
If your tired of dieting stories An wanna hear about other things let me change the topic!

The church people were over joyed to see us back, or else did a great job at pretending they missed us, An we were delighted to see them all too!
Dad is preaching a series of messages on leadership/pastoring since we wanna have an ordination at our church soon.
Last Sunday we served up an American meal for our church people, which was actually all Kenyan food except for sausages that we brought from America! We had a great time serving them “American” food an watching their delighted faces at trying mustard, something most of them never tried before. We learned a valuable lesson though. We should have close the church gates after church started becuz we ended up running out of some of our food, becuz after church was over it was like every child that was there ran an got all of his cousins out of a bush an brought them to eat food! We fed well over 200 people, needless to say the sausages got cut up into really small pieces an everyone got a tiny taste...we had a good time An everyone was happy.

Questions they have asked us about our stay in America:
~does America have free WiFi everywhere, even in the toilet houses?
~Did you greet Trump for me?
~pastor did you eat in your mother’s house?
~when your flying that high an that fast, how can you drink water?
~how many days does it take to get to America?
~so up in the sky is busy with planes jus like traffic in kisumu?
~how cold was America?

Life back in Africa has been interesting an also very normal. We eagerly wait for all those people to contact us that told us “we are planning to come visit you guys yet.” When we were home on furlough. An are impressed with some that are planning to come! It sounds terribly carnal, but it’s true! We live for visitors!

Dad has malaria again An is under the weather....we about despair with all his malaria rounds An it seems he keeps getting over  it more slowly every time....let’s hope he can hold out another year here! He finally invested in a mosquito netting so we are hoping that will help.
I don’t have much else to add here but I’ll try to add some pics, if I can figure out how to do it on my phone here.
Keep praying for our family....we have our share of struggles, sometimes more then our share. We certainly found out that life in the mission field is no picnic, but it is rewarding.
Makes me think of a friend of mine who I’ll name Emily who’s is in our church An is in instruction class. She has had a hard life, her father died, an several years later her mother died, she’s the youngest one in her family, all her brothers an sisters are married an left home to other areas of Africa, an the oldest son who inherited the family plot of land after both parents died, lives in his house with his wife, an Emily now 19 lives in her mothers house that she left behind when she died.
She is probably my best friend from our church, because I see so much potential in her life. She shared with me how her brother An his wife don’t care for her other then feeding her a meal after she comes home from school. She said she can’t wait to finish school so she can go look for a job an move out on her own. Thankfully due to the agape program her school through high school is being paid for An she is only having three more months left till graduation! I’m so happy for her.
But the other Sunday dad asked all the people who have the Holy Spirit to stand up, I was sitting beside her, an as I rose to my feet I noticed she remained seated, so after church as I was walking home with her, (dad an mom usually have a ton of meetings after church An it’s takes them long, so I walk all the way that I can with her till our roads separate to where she goes home An we keep going towards kisumu.) I decided to ask her about why she didn’t stand today. So I told her, “Emily, I saw today when the pastor asked all those to stand that are having the Holy Spirit that you didn’t stand...why didn’t you? An she told me, “because I don’t have the Holy Spirit” I was alittle shocked with her statement, but continued asking her if she ever prayed the sinners prayer, An she said yes, they were taught at school An she memorized it. Thence I asked her if she only memorized it or if she ever prayed it on her own, like for her own heart an soul, An she said that yes she did, she invited Jesus into her heart at a dark time in her life. Then I told her, “then you have the Holy Spirit!” Then she said, “no Sylvia I don’t, I haven’t been baptized yet, so I don’t have the Holy Spirit, An that’s why I didn’t stand up today.” Then I started explaining to her how that baptism is an outward sign of what happened inside, an the moment you invite Jesus into your heart you have the Holy Spirit because God, Jesus, an the Holy Spirit are one, you can’t have one An not the rest. She looked surprised, An I told her everytime she faces negative peer pressure in school, An she chooses to go the right way, that’s the Holy Spirit in her life working through her conscience. An as we walked that hot dusty trial in the blazing sunlight, my mind went back to Leon Troyers house in Brown county where 8 of us youth sat around his kitchen table evening after evening As Leon explained to us these important truths that I otherwise would not have known about, I’m so thankful for my rich heratige! Instruction class shouldn’t be treated as an afterthought but should be a special occasion for our young people. We would always study our lesson an Mary Troyer would make a snack an we would have a lovely time of fellowship, an on that day when I had my opportunity to share the truths passed down to me, I was honored to do so, knowing without a shadow of a doubt how I believed about it. An I hope one day Emily will share that truth with a friend, family member, or her children too. Since the way she believed about having to be baptized before you have the Holy Spirit, actually came from her catholic family. Anyway, opake Jesu! I thank Jesus for his love an forgiveness.
May each of you have a wonderfully blessed week!
For The Millers

Monday, 19 March 2018

Life in Luo Land Continues, A Girls Trip to Mt. Kenya, Andy Yoder family visit's!!

March 19th 2018
Hello Friends, {at least I hope we are still in the friend zone, even if I'm not posting regularly anymore.}
Somehow this topic of not posting in a long time is always my first topic! sad but true. an another sad but true fact is the fact that I got "burned out" on posting every week, an simply got tired of writing...so I'm taking it easy, but I will post here every couple months, 
to let you all know that we do still have life an breath.

SO the last two months have been full, of simply life.
the twins went to Arkansas for 6 weeks of Bible school, an Wayne an I had a very peaceful time here at home, however we did miss them somewhat, yes we do love them..... from a distance, okay kind of kidding. be that as it may we welcomed them back with open arms, an smiling faces because what else do loyal family members do to each other?
They came back inspired, an missing new friends, an all those after Bible school emotions that I only thought possible in girls, life keeps surprising me!

Andy's family was here for two weeks, an what a Jolly grand time we had! Once they finally arrive with none of their luggage an muttering"Christian profanities" against United Airlines.
But we were just glad to all be together safely.

Relaxing in our living room
So the first morning we went to see an Elephant nursery, which was mildly interesting to me, but since Hannah had told Serena that she would almost leave her horses an come to see the Elephant nursery, but then decided neither the baby Elephants nor our family were special enough to leave her animals at home to come on a Safari to Africa, we had to make sure an go straightway an see the Elephant nursery so that she would have her dose of jealousy for the week. We love you Hannah, an the Elephants feel quite abused by your lack of love to them seeing that both their parents no longer exist to take care of them. hah! just kidding Hannah!
Our prayers were answered an by that evening all their luggage arrived.
the following morning we headed out for the Masii Mara, having a lovely time as always, seeing the big five, plus extras like a several day old Giraffe, and a Mother Elephant who was upset an charged at a rover, she had a baby elephant an some of the rovers were getting too close for her comfort.
Sunday Morning discussion...
We ate lots of good food, an always after meal times talked about how we were all going to start dieting after they leave Africa.
We made our way back to Kisumu an spent the rest of our time around here eating, sitting around, showing them our favorite places here in Kisumu, taking them to church two Sundays was fun, instead of just one Sunday like most of our visitors. eating at natives houses, an I must say they did so well to eat the food an even liked it! we were impressed to say the least.
Was so good an refreshing to have them visit, an the twins came home from the states for the last week of their stay, an they were so thankful to have Myron here, it was close enough to having a "youth guy" visit them.
Dad having Bible study....
Sometimes I wish more of the twins friends from home would visit them, they get so lonely an are so alone over here, no other youth guys in the mission here, its just them. an they could use encouragement at times. so I would like to encourage some of our youth, come visit us! we loved our youth group at home an were very involved in making our youth group a good place, an we miss you all! but I do thank Judith, Elaine, Esther, an Myron an Karen for coming! as well as Rita, Chad, An Ron! It meant more then you will ever know, especially Chad an Ron, the twins still talk of the time when you guys were here!

Over the time Andy's were here I felt like it was so busy, we had chicken butchering an bless their hearts for helping us! the AMA board was here, an had meetings with each family.
Water Buck...
We had unit meeting in Nakuru mission. an then the usual prayer meeting Thursdays evenings, bible study Wednesdays an so our time together flew like crazy fast!
Also most of us have talents somewhere, some hidden, some talents more obvious, an Myron found out one of his talents is coming to Africa an managing to contract Malaria in less then a week. we couldn't believe it! but there are actually meds you can take before you come to Africa that is like a preventative for Malaira so don't let that dampen your spirits to come visit us! we don't all have that talent anyway, so I doubt you will get it, hahah!
Stacy the cook...

Right after Andy's left I was busy making a wedding dress for a friend of mine getting married in Nakuru mission on the 24th of March, it was my first time, an with not a lot of measurements to go by, an only a few weeks till the wedding I was very nervous.
she wanted me to just use my pattern, but I knew my dresses were big on her, so I just "sewed deep" an hoped for the best, well, by some unknown good fortune the dress fit her perfectly! she called all excited an said, "Its like you had my measurements, it fits perfectly!" well needless to say I  breathed a sigh of relief!
An right after I shipped the dress off to Nakuru....the youth girls from here got a girls trip to Mt. Kenya together, an at first I didn't plan to go, simply becuz I was just there a month ago with my family, an I was also out of vacation days, an had already borrowed some vacation days from my family, an I just felt bad to even ask to take off. But then the pastors were ever so gracious to talk about it, an sent it to the Nakuru pastors, an they both approved me going! I felt so unworthy!
Twin Monkey's
So us girls left early Friday morning, an had a wonderful time returning again Monday evening....our time was spent at a cute little cabin, actually it was a rather big house, having four bedrooms two baths, kitchen, dining, an living room complete with a real wood fire place, you might think fireplace? in Africa? but in that region it gets SO cold! the landscape there reminds me a lot of out west, mountains, an water bucks an forests, an gets so cold in the morning an nights, we dressed warmly an kept the fire rolling an marveled that we were in Kenya, with Mt. Kenya towering right above us, in our back yard, an monkey's on our porch eating the banana's we tossed out, an water buck roaming through our yard, we concluded we work for an amazing mission who allows us to have such an amazing break in the action.
When in doubt hug the human closest to you. take example from these animals
On Sunday we rented Motor bikes to took a new road up closer to the mountain...an somehow I ended up with a moderately drunk piki driver! I was quite disturbed to say the least...since we were taking hairpin curves going up higher every time! he would swerve dangerously close to the inside of the drop off, an I would subconsciously lean the opposite way to try an balance out the situation, which made everything worse, his breath kept blowing into my face an smelt like beer, an I kept silently praying an preparing my self mentally which way I wanted to jump if we crashed. it was awful! we hiked abit upon reaching the top, an he had a dangerous time just walking in a straight line, let alone driving his motor bike!
eating a banana...
We made it back safe an I was glad to be back on solid ground.
since that trip, we have been around here doing normal life counting down the weeks till furlough which looks like 6 more weeks!! we cant wait!
That's all I have,
Take care,
~Sylvia Miller
For The Millers

My Sunday school girls...
Mom an her fellow sisters
A whole row of little orphan boys...
All the children giving a song...
Dad telling the children a story...
Pasta Joe Yoda
A Baby in our church named Becky
Our cozy living room...

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Picture Post Only: Victor An Winnie's Wedding!!!

Victor an Winnie December 23, 2017
Bridal Party

{LtoR} Best Man, Groom an Bride, Maid Of Honor

{L} Sammy, (Childhood friend of Victor) {R} Faith, (Sister to Winnie)

{L} Stanley, (Friend of the couple) {R} Christine, (Friend of the couple, Christine is from our church.) 

{L} Steven, (Friend of the couple) {R} Janette, (friend of the couple), serving here short-term) 

"My sister, My friend....I went to the other side of the world an found a sister in Winnie..." I love you so much dear!

Bride an her maids....

"I don't believe in magic." The young boy said. The old man smiled. "You will when you see HER!" 

Bride an the Groomsmen...

Groom an his Groomsmen...

Groom an The Bridesmaids...

Steve an Victor

George an Victor

Sammy an Victor

Stanley an Victor (Just your normal awkward guy pose.);)

Bridal Table...

Family tables...

Stacy at the Guest book table...

Dad having devotions....

After the vows...

The Choir...

Signing the Marriage License 

Lighting their unity candle...

"You are my blue crayon, the one I never have enough of, the one I use to color my sky."   a.r.asher

Flower girls...

Receiving line, they also brought their gifts to the Bride an Groom there.

"Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist."              -joy. f 

"We were together... I forget the rest"   -Walt Whitman
Hello to each one who takes the time to look at my blog, I appreciate it a lot, an would love to hear from more of you how you enjoy my posts, an how I could improve them, to give you a better look into our lives in Kenya. (One probably being to post more often then once every three months! I know!)
I added a picture post of the wedding, because I felt like the pictures I had were very low quality, so I asked Clarissa Yoder (Wedding photographer) if I can have her pictures of the wedding, an she was ever so kind to allow me to use them here, to give my circle of friends a better look into Victor an Winnie's wedding day.
I hope you all have an amazing weekend,
I will be posting a song at the bottom here that has been blessing me over an over every time I hear it. lets stand together in the important things, an leave the personal preferences, knowing that the unimportant things we fight about will not have any meaning in 100years from now.

                                                                  ~CITY ON THE HILL~
"Did you hear of the City on the hill?"  said one old man to the other. That once shone bright, an it would be shining still. But they all started turning on each other.

You see the poets thought the dancers were shallow, an the soldiers thought the poets were weak, an the elders saw the young ones as foolish, an the rich man never heard the poor man speak.

And one by one they ran away, with their made-up minds to leave it all behind. an the light began to fade, in the city on the hill, the city on the hill.

Each one thought that they knew better, but they were different by design. Instead of standing strong together, they let their differences divide.

And one by one they ran away, with their made-up minds to leave it all behind. an the light began to fade, in the city on the hill, the city on the hill.

And the world is searching still.....
But it was the rhythm of the dancers, that gave the poets life, it was the spirit of the poets, that gave the soldiers strength to fight, it was the fire of the young ones, it was the wisdom of the old, it was the story of the poor man that needed to be told.

It IS the rhythm of the dancers that gives the poets life! It IS the spirit of the poets that gives the soldiers strength to fight! It IS the fire of the young ones! It IS the wisdom of the old! It IS the story of the poor man that's needing to be told!

But one by one.....will we run away? with our made-up minds to leave it all behind, as the light begins to fade, in the city on the hill.......The City on the Hill.
Come home......come home.....The Father is calling still! come home.....come home....To The City On The Hill.....COME HOME.

Be Blessed,
For The Miller's